Babyproofing Your Doors: The Ultimate Guide

When a child becomes that new member of the family that you have been waiting for, you try your best to make sure that there is nothing to harm it. However, as we are trying to babyproof the house, there is one thing that may skip our minds – the doors. It is easy to assume that there is nothing dangerous about the doors in your house until you picture the doors accidentally smashing the little fingers of your little crawler. Or, even worse – your child gets into the room with possibly dangerous objects in it, such as your kitchen with all the knives and other sharp and hot cooking utensils.

Of course, the first thing that comes to your mind is to lock the door. However, you would be surprised how clever kids are and how fast they figure the unlocking procedure out. So, what is left? The answer is simple – babyproof your doors! That is precisely what we are going to talk about today!

Babyproofing the doors

There are a few ways to do that. First of all, you can purchase a top lock. There is a variety of those on the market, but the mechanism is the basic one. You put a plastic top lock at the upper part of your doors, so that the child does not reach it, and you close and open it when needed. Besides, most of those work on any door types and can be opened from both sides.

If what you are worried about most is your baby’s pinched fingers, then we suggest you get yourself a bunch of safety pinch guards. What are those, you may wonder? These are usually foam blockers made in the shape of a U letter. You put them on any door in the house so that it does not close all the way and pinch anyone’s fingers. However, you need to be aware of one detail – if there is a draught and the door smashes really hard, the blocker may break.

Babyproofing Doorknobs

Copper Creek BK2030SS Ball Privacy Door KnobIn case you are interested in some Interior Door Knobs protection, we have some useful information for you too. The most natural solution, in this case, would be to get yourself a bunch of plastic doorknob covers. The mechanism of those is the following:

  • You put the cover on
  • That’s it!

In order to turn the knob, you need to insert your fingers in provided holes and operate the knob, there is no way a child will do that, so you are safe!

It is true that there is a variety of Child Proof Door Knob Covers available on the market, but despite the brand – most of them work in the same manner.

DIY Door Proofing Solutions

When you are tight on budget or you are running out of time to babyproof the doors, there is always a DIY solution. The one we are going to describe we name the “Towel Anti-pinch Method.” As you may have already guessed, you are going to need a spare towel or a bunch of those to use on your doors. The main idea is to fold a towel and hang over the top of the door. What does it do? It prevents the door from slamming. Thus, your child’s fingers will be safe.

Babyproofing the Cabinets

Best Cabinet LocksYou should realize that at times those cabinets within your child’s reach are even more dangerous than all the other doors in the house. If you are searching for the Best Child Proof Cabinet Locks, we say that reusable safety locks are what you should get. They won’t cost you much, but they will save your kid from accidentally coming across a harmful detergent or anything of the kind.

To sum all up, it is safe to say that just as useful and protective the doors are for the adults so harmful, they can turn out to be for little kids. It is never a waste to invest a little into the door babyproofing, besides it won’t cost you that much after all. Besides, there is a variety of options available to suit every separate case and personal preferences. Be safe!

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