Best Child Proof Cabinet Locks – Buyer’s Guide

Best Cabinet LocksWhether you’re a new parent or someone with an overly curious pet, there are plenty of good reasons that you might want to keep your cabinets sealed in such a way that only an adult would be able to get in. Thankfully, this is a common enough problem that there are a myriad of solutions available. To help you sort through your options we’ve compiled a list of eight of the best cabinet locks available, as well as provided some information as to what to look for when childproofing or pet-proofing your kitchen or home.

Best Baby Cabinet Locks of 2019

Product TypePackColorsDimensions
Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Latches (Editor's Choice)Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action LatchesCabinet locks2 or 8White4.8x6.7x1.4Check Price
Safety 1st SecureTechSafety 1st SecureTech Cabinet LockU shaped sliding cabinet locks1, 2, 6 or 8White10x3.5x0.6Check Price
The Good Stuff Child Safety LatchesThe Good Stuff Child Safety Cabinet LocksCupboard child locks8Black5x2x6Check Price
BabyKeeps No Drilling Baby Safety LocksBabyKeeps Child Safety LocksCabinet lock with adjustable length6Black; Brown; White7.5x1.2x0.5Check Price
KisCords No Drill Child Safety Cupboard LocksKiscords Baby Safety Cabinet LocksSafety straps for cabinets with side-by-side knobs5White; Black7x5x1Check Price
Jambini Magnetic Child Cabinet LocksJambini Magnetic Cabinet LocksMagnetic cabinet locks4 or 8White5x6x2Check Price
Sure Basics SB22Sure Basics SB22 Sliding Door LockSliding door lock2White/Grey29.5x19.7x0.2Check Price
Adoric Childproof Cabinet LatchAdoric Sliding Cabinet LockU shaped cabinet locks4 or 8White9.7x2.8x1.6Check Price

1. Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Latches – Best Child/Baby Proof Cabinet Lock

The first cabinet locks we will be taking a look at are the Munchkin Xtraguard dual action latches. These safety locks feature a sleek and modern look that won’t disrupt the overall aesthetic of a pristine kitchen or living room. These latches feature a flexible strap that connects two rounded square shaped latches that grab onto the adhesive pads that you place on the corners of whatever you’re trying to close. The flexible strap connecting the two latches allows you to put it on almost any surface at almost any angle. This flexibility allows you to not only keep the cabinets closed but also things without handles such as toilet seats or appliances.

The Munchkin Xtraguard cabinet locks require the person trying to get into the cabinet or appliance that they are placed on to press down on two buttons on the latch at the same time in order to release the latch. These cabinet locks come in either 2 or 8 packs and are available in either multi-color or plain white.

  • Sleek and modern design won’t break up the look of a pristine kitchen or living room
  • Dual button design is good enough to keep young ones out
  • Adhesive pads can damage some surfaces such as paint


2. Safety 1st SecureTech – Best Child/Baby Safety Cabinet Locks

For those that want to seal two cabinet doors together and don’t want any kind of mounting hardware that risks leaving marks on their cabinets, the Safety 1st SecureTech cabinet lock is a good choice. This lock is engineered from two pieces of plastic, the first of which is horseshoe shaped which wraps around the two handles of adjacent cabinets and the second piece slides over the ends of the horseshoe portion to keep them sealed together. The latch portion holding the ends of the horseshoe together can be pinched on each side requiring both of the two buttons on the latch to be pressed simultaneously in order to be released and open the lock.

The plastic these locks are constructed of is exceedingly durable and will surely not be able to be broken by children. The buttons also present enough of a challenge to little ones to prevent them from ever opening it, however, these design of this style of cabinet lock means that you must have two adjacent cabinets with handles that are directly next to each other in order to seal them using this kind of latch. These Safety 1st SecureTech locks are available individually or in two and six packs to childproof all the cabinets in your kitchen and home.

  • Doesn’t require any mounting hardware or adhesives
  • Easy to install and use
  • Can only lock two cabinets that have handles directly next to eachother


3. The Good Stuff Child Safety Latches – Best Child/Baby Proof Drawer Lock

Next on our list is a cabinet lock that requires no visible components. This cabinet lock features a latch that is on the inside of the cabinet door which can grab onto the lip on the inside of the cabinet in order to keep it closed when it’s tugged on. The lock is a single solid piece which has an adhesive backing that when placed on the inside of the cabinet door uses a spring loaded black plastic hook in order to grab the inside lip of the cabinet and hold it closed.

The hook is designed to allow the cabinet door to open about a half an inch before grabbing on to the lip. This allows you to open it the rest of the way by reaching into the gap and pushing the spring-loaded hook down, opening the door. This design means that there are absolutely no visible parts of the lock outside of the cabinets, and no one will even know that you’ve childproofed your home. The adhesive is impressively strong and can support over 25 lb of force meaning that a little one would be unable to break the hook off the cabinet door by tugging it. If your cabinet does not have a lip on the inside there are adhesives catches that come with the hooks.

  • Completely invisible from outside of the cabinet meaning guests will never know you have locks on your cabinets
  • Strong adhesive won’t fail when pulled on
  • Can be difficult to open depending on how much of a gap your cabinets allow


4. BabyKeeps No Drilling Baby Safety Locks – Best Child Proof Door Locks

The next child safety lock we’ll be looking at is a great solution for anyone who often finds themselves with their hands full and wants to be able to open their cabinets with only one hand. These locks feature adhesive backed latches that are connected by a flexible strip, much like the first cabinet locks we looked at. Unlike the first design, however, these latches attach directly to the surfaces that they are being adhered to rather than using a separate component on to which it latches. These locks have a slightly more plain design visually featuring oval-shaped latches constructed of plain white plastic. They’re also available in solid black or solid brown to match wood cabinets.

These locks also feature a unique unlocking mechanism that only requires one hand to open but is still sufficiently complex enough to keep young ones or pets away from whatever is in the cabinets. To open, one finger needs to push down on a button at the top of the latch and then press outward towards the edge of the button. This means that even if one hand is full you can still open your cabinets when needed. The flexible strap connecting the two ends of the latch also means that these versatile locks can be put almost anywhere, even around edges and corners.

  • One handed design is easy for adults to open with full hands, but still nearly impossible for children
  • Comes in three colors to match the design of your cabinets and home
  • Adhesive pads can leave marks on some surfaces


5. KisCords No Drill Child Safety Cupboard Locks – Best Baby Proof Cupboard Lock for Kitchen

If you’re having trouble finding cabinet locks because the handles of your cabinet doors are too far set for most locks to wrap around them, then the Kiscords baby safety cabinet locks are a possible solution. These cabinet locks feature an incredibly simple and easy to use a mechanism that is similar to a drawstring bag. The Kiscord locks are designed from a single length of string that is fed through two small buttons that can be depressed in order to adjust the length and tightness of the string around the cabinets. These cabinet locks are available in either white or black in order to better match the decor of your kitchen and home.

While the overall design of the Kiscord baby safety lock is simple, the use of it actually proves to be somewhat of a hassle. To begin with it will only work on knob style handles and will not work on cabinets that have closed-loop handles. The string is long enough to connect knobs that are up to seven inches apart, however, there is a way to tighten the cords such that they will still slide apart and open when simply pulled on, which is not something you want from childproof locks.

  • Can latch cabinet knobs up to 7 inches apart
  • Can be “closed” in such a way that they will open when pulled on
  • Only works on knob style handles, will not work with closed loop handles


6. Jambini Magnetic Child Cabinet Locks – Best Magnetic Baby and Toddlers Safety Lock for Kitchen Cabinets

Next, we’re taking a look at another unique lock design that requires no external hardware or visible Parts on the outside of your cabinets. The Jambini magnetic cabinet lock uses a white plastic latch on the inside of your cabinets that holds onto an adhesive catch which keeps the cabinet doors completely closed. When it comes time to open them, the magnetic key is placed near the lock which lowers the hook on the inside of the cabinet and releases from the lip at the top.

This unique and innovative design means that in order to open the cabinet you must have the magnetic key with you. These locks come in either 4 or 8 packs and both sets come with a single key. This key can be stored away in a cabinet or secret hiding place so that young ones can’t find it, and even if they do find the key it is unlikely they will figure out how to use the magnet to open the cabinets. If the key is lost it is also possible to use any magnet, including a fridge magnet, to open the doors.

  • Unique design requires a physical “key” in order to unlock the doors
  • All of the lock’s parts are hidden away on the inside of the cabinet
  • If you lose the key and don’t have any magnets on hand you may find it difficult to get into your cabinets


7. Sure Basics SB22 – Best Sliding Door Lock

For those who are looking to keep their curious little one out of sliding doors such as closets, the Sure Basics SB22 features a brilliant and unique design that is intended to keep any sliding door closed. The lock has an adhesive backing and a strong triangular support that can be folded up or down to lock or open the sliding door.

The triangular design of this lock allows it to easily be opened when it’s laying flat by simply sliding a finger into the top part of the lock and pulling it up into the locked position. The lock is intended to be placed higher up on sliding glass doors or closets so that it is out of reach of little ones or pets. The lock can also be placed on sliding cabinets, however, since it requires a two-step pull and slide action in order to be unlocked it is unlikely that small children will be able to figure out how to open them on their own. The adhesive pad on the back of the locked is strong and will adhere to almost any surface including glass, but can damage some painted surfaces.

  • Keeps sliding doors closed
  • Strong adhesive and triangular design ensure it won’t break if the door is shoved
  • Adhesive pad can damage some surfaces


8. Adoric Childproof Cabinet Latch – Best Baby Proof Safety Latch For Cabinets

For those who are concerned about putting any kind of mounting hardware or adhesive pads on to their cabinets, the Adoric sliding cabinet lock offers a solution. This simple design features a U-shaped plastic body which is held together at the ends by a simple white plastic locking mechanism. These locks use a two button unlocking mechanism that must be squeezed tightly in order to open or close the locks.

The design of these locks means they must be used on cabinets that have adjacent handles that are less than 5 inches apart in order for them to be sealed together. The plastic that these locks are made of is exceptionally durable and comes with a one-year refund and replacement warranty.

  • 1 year refund and replacement warranty
  • Can lock cabinet handles together from up to 5 inches apart
  • No mounting hardware required
  • Can only lock a cabinet that has two handles directly next to eachother


Buyer’s Guide

With so many options for cabinet locks it can often be overwhelming when trying to pick the right one. To help clarify things and give you a clear idea of which locks are best for you we’ve included this small buyer’s guide which goes over the three main factors to consider when looking at cabinet locks to childproof or pet proof your home.

What Needs to Be Locked

The first factor to consider is, of course, what needs to be locked. All of the locks on this list will seal most cabinet doors aside from the Sure Basics SB22, which is designed for sliding glass doors or closet doors. If you’re only looking to lock the cabinets in your home then a traditional childproofing lock such as the Safety 1st SecureTech is a great choice. Alternatively, the more modern Jambini magnetic locks are a great option for those who want the childproofing elements of their home to be completely invisible, as they are designed to lock your cabinets from the inside. If your aim is to also seal things like appliances or toilet seats to keep pets and young ones out of places they shouldn’t be, then something like the Munchkin Xtraguard might be a better choice. Its design features a flexible strip attaching two latches which can be placed almost anywhere that there’s something needing to be locked, making it easy to seal not only cabinets but appliances as well.

Cabinet Layout

The next thing to consider is what the physical layout of your cabinets is like. Many of the more traditional styles of locks use a horseshoe-shaped design which requires two cabinets with closed loop handles that are within a few inches of each other in order to be sealed. This means that if your cabinets use knob style handles or handles that are not directly adjacent to each other you should make sure you’re purchasing the right kind of lock. If your cabinets feature knob style handles that are directly next to each other the Kiscords baby safety Lock might be a good option, as it features a simple draw string design which is intended to hold knobs on cabinets together to keep them closed. Alternatively, locks that are placed on the inside of the cabinets such as the Good Stuff child safety locks are also an option for any kitchen that doesn’t have loop handles.

Lock Difficulty

Depending on who or what you’re trying to keep out of your cabinets some locks might be more appropriate than others. For example, the Kiscords lock is more appropriate for keeping pets out of cabinets than children, as it’s possible to put them on in such a way that if they are tugged they will simply open. This is obviously less than ideal for child proofing a kitchen or home, but might be suitable for keeping pets out of places they shouldn’t be and makes it easy to access the cabinets when needed. Alternatively, in situations where curious children make high security necesary, the Jambini magnetic locks are a great solution. The magnetic key design of these locks makes it nearly impossible for even the most clever of children to figure out how to open the cabinets while snooping around.

Final Thought

The cabinet locks on this list were hand-picked to represent a wide variety of style options. Whether you’re simply trying to hold together a couple of cabinets to keep the dog out, or are trying to keep the most clever of children out of an extremely unusual cabinet layout, there should be a lock on out list that is right for your situation. No matter what you’re trying to lock, who you’re trying to keep out, or what the design of your cabinets or kitchen is, we’re sure that one of the locks on our list will suit your needs.

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