Best Crepe Makers – Buyer’s Guide

Best Crepe MakersCrepes are a delicious treat that are in some ways similar to pancakes, but are thinner. Unlike pancakes, all manner of toppings and fillings can be wrapped up in a crepe, from fresh fruit, to cream cheese, to spinach. Although it is possible to make crepes in an ordinary skillet, if you’re truly serious about making them, having a special pan or cooking appliance meant to deal with a crepe’s unique thinness comes highly recommended.

With the right crepe maker at your disposal, you can import the tastes, the feel and the ambiance of a Parisian cafe directly into your own kitchen at any time you wish. And if you simply desire to make an enjoyable dessert for yourself or your loved ones, having the right tool available will only make that task easier. Below, we will discuss six of the best crepe makers on the market today and go through their various features to help you find what you most need.

Best Crepe Pans of 2019

Product TypeSurface diameterMaterialIncludesDimensions
W x D x H
NutriChef PCRM12 (Editor's Choice)NutriChef Nonstick 12-inch Electric Crepe MakerNon-stick crepe maker12 inAluminumWooden spatula and batter spreader12 x 12.9 x 2.4 in2.4 pounds110V, ACCheck Price
CucinaPro 1448CucinaPro Non-Stick 12-inch Griddle-Electric Crepe PanNon-stick crepe pan12 inAluminumSpreader and recipes14 x 15.8 x 4.2 in4 pounds110V, ACCheck Price
Magic Mill MCM1600 ProfessionalMagic Mill 13-inch Professional Electric Crepe MakerProfessional crepe maker13 inMetalBatter spreader, wooden spatula, oil brush and ladle14.5 x 14.2 x 5.4 in5.47 pounds110V, ACCheck Price
CucinaPro 1447 Cordless GriddleCucinaPro Cordless Non-Stick Surface Crepe MakerCordless non-stick surface crepe maker7.5 inMetal, plasticSpreader, dipping plate and recipe guide15 x 10.2 x 3.8 in2.45 pounds110V, ACCheck Price
Morning Star NEECO 250 Electric GriddleMorning Star 13-inch Non-stick Crepe Maker and Electric GriddleNon-stick crepe maker13 inAluminumBatter spreader, recipes and crepe making tips13 x 13 x 4 in6 pounds110V, ACCheck Price
Cuisinart CPP-200Cuisinart CPP-200 International Chef Crepe-Pizzelle-Pancake MakerCrepe/Pizzelle/ Pancake maker8.3 inStainless SteelMeasuring spoon, tongs, and mini ice cream cone roller13.4 x 10.1 x 5.5 in6.23 pounds110V, ACCheck Price


1. NutriChef PCRM12 – Best Electric Pancake Maker For Beginners

This electric crepe maker is an excellent choice for beginners because of how it simplifies everything about making crepes. It comes with a 12-inch aluminum non-stick surface, an easy-to-use dial for adjustable temperature control, an LD light indicating when the desired temperature has been reached and both a T-shaped batter spreader and a wooden spatula with which to flip over your crepes.

Since it is an electric device, it comes with a 2.5-foot power cord and the hot plate generates 1200 watts of power for effective cooking. The hot plate heats evenly and quickly.

Because of the rather large 12-inch diameter surface, if you like, you can use it to cook either a larger crepe or a smaller one in conjunction with other breakfast items, such as eggs, bacon or sausages.

There’s also a very slight raised barrier along the edge of the hot plate which quite usefully keeps juices, fats or other things from dripping out over the edge and making a mess everywhere. The barrier is small enough not to interfere with your attempts to slide a spatula under your crepes when you want to flip them over, though.

Considering its overall quality and how easy it is to use, this crepe maker is priced rather inexpensively, especially as compared to some more high-end models. You should be aware, though, that accompanying this low price are at least some inevitable issues. A number of users have complained that this crepe maker is not especially durable and that after some use, it has a tendency to begin heating unevenly and inconsistently.

Overall, this crepe maker comes highly recommended for its ease of use, particularly for beginners.

  • Has a large, non-stick surface
  • Very easy to use
  • Heat is controlled with a simple dial and a light indicates when the desired temperature has been reached
  • Comes with a better spreader and a wooden spatula
  • Has a slight raised barrier around the edge to keep fat and juices from spilling
  • Pretty cheap
  • Has some durability issues
  • Can begin heating unevenly after some use


2. CucinaPro 1448 – Best Non-Stick Pan to Make Crepes

This model has many things in common with the NutriChef Electric Crepe Maker considered above.

Like the previous crepe maker, it also has a 12-inch non-stick surface, comes with a T-shaped batter spreader, has a small raised barrier along the edge of the hot plate to keep fats and juices from spilling and has an easy-to-understand system of controls for regulating the temperature on the surface.

Instead of a dial, though, this model has five discrete temperature settings that run as follows: Level 1 (338° F), Level 2 (370° F), Level 3 (377° F), Level 4 (408° F) and Level 5 (370° F).

It also has a simple ON/Off ready light that tells you when the plate is hot enough so that you can begin cooking your crepes. For added convenience, there is an electric cord wrap that makes it easier to store the machine when its not in use and there are rubber feet that are meant to keep it from needlessly moving around while you are using it. Perhaps most usefully and importantly off all, it even comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

To help you get started, it also comes with recipes included for basic crepe batter, mushroom crepes and blueberry blintzes.

It does not, however, come with a spatula, whether wooden or otherwise. And though it is definitely priced on the more inexpensive side, some customers have reported some issues with durability and uneven heating after using this crepe maker for some time.

Given its great overall similarity to the previous model discussed, the fact that this model comes with a manufacturer’s warranty included makes it a great value, especially to those who are new to making crepes. We recommend it.

  • Has a large, non-stick surface
  • Has a small raised barrier around the edge to keep fat and juices from spilling
  • Very easy to use
  • Temperature is easy to control, with five settings
  • Comes with a batter spreader
  • Has rubber feet for added stability
  • Comes with recipes for crepes and blintzes included
  • Pretty inexpensive
  • Includes a one year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Does not come with a spatula included
  • Has been known to have some problems with durability
  • Can sometimes begin heating unevenly after being used for a while

CucinaPro Non-Stick Griddle-Electric Crepe Pan


3. Magic Mill MCM1600 Professional – Best Electric Crepe Maker for Commercial Use

This crepe maker is ideal for anyone who wants to take all of the guesswork out of making crepes and who just wants to go through a simple cooking process so that he can quickly and painlessly sit down and enjoy the crepes that he’s made.

This model has a 13-inch non-stick teflon pan and a dial with which you can precisely control that pan’s temperature. It also includes an impressive array of accessories. Beyond just a batter spreader and a spatula, it also comes with a ladle and an oil brush.

A slightly raised edge around the pan keeps fats, juices and other liquids from spilling everywhere and ultimately makes the machine easier to clean. It also comes with two conveniently placed handles for easy transportability.

Some owners have taken issue with the batter spreader’s flimsiness and have complained that the non-stick coating has a tendency to peel after some use.

  • Very easy to use
  • Has a large 13-inch pan
  • Includes many accessories
  • Has a raised edge that prevents fats and juices from spilling
  • Comes with handles that make it easier to carry
  • Reasonably priced
  • The batter spreader can be a bit flimsy and weak
  • The non-stick coating can sometimes peel off after enough use


4. CucinaPro 1447 Cordless Griddle – Makes the Thinnest Crepes

With this crepe maker, you no longer have to worry about a cord getting tangled anywhere or causing you any manner of other problems. Rather than a traditional electric cord setup, this crepe maker is meant to be plugged into a base unit that heats up until an On/Off lights up, indicating that the surface is sufficiently hot to start cooking.

What’s especially different about this crepe maker is that while the base unite remains plugged into an outlet with a cord, the main cordless unit can be detached. After the main unit heats up, you can flip it upside down and dip it into your batter. The fact that you’re dipping the unit into the batter rather than pouring the batter onto the unit’s surface actually makes it possible for you to cook exceptionally thin crepes with this unit. After you’ve dipped it in, you are to put your crepe back onto the the base to finish cooking. Cooking only takes a few very short minutes.

Though this set up is somewhat different from the usual one with crepe makers, it does have the advantage of making it easy for you to make extremely thin crepes – which, if you happen to be serious about making them just right, is, after all, the point.

The unusual way of using this crepe maker may take a little fit of getting used to, though it can be mastered quickly enough. The hot plate’s diameter is also only 7.5 inches, which is smaller than on most units.

The unit is easy to clean and cooks rather quickly. It is also quite cheap.

For those who insist on having especially thin crepes and who don’t mind a slight learning curve, this model comes highly recommended.

  • Easy to clean
  • Cheap
  • The crepes made by this unit are exceptionally thin
  • The cordless main unit provides extra convenience
  • The somewhat unusual way of using this crepe maker can take a little bit of getting used to
  • The diameter of the hot surface is only 7.5 inches, which is smaller than on most models


5. Morning Star NEECO 250 Electric Griddle – Excellent Quality and Heats Evenly

The Morning Star is unquestionably on the higher end of quality when it comes to crepe makers. With its 13-inch non-stick aluminum hot plate, this model is useful not only for making crepes, but also for making pancakes and blintzes, for frying eggs and for much more.

It includes a regulatory dial that allows you to precisely adjust heat exactly as you may need to and has a helpful indicator light that lets you know exactly when your desired temperature has been reached. The surface has a little raised barrier around the edge to prevent batter, fat or anything else that may have been on the plate from spilling. It also comes with a spatula and a T-shaped batter spreader to help you make the thinnest crepes that you can and has handles on the sides that make it much easier to carry the unit around. Of course, even as the surface heats up, the handles do not heat up at all.

The plate heats up very evenly and is designed very carefully to ensure than you never burn or otherwise improperly cook a crepe.

Some users have said that the spatula and batter spreader are not easy to use and are of somewhat questionable quality, even in some cases recommending the outright purchase of some other spatula and batter spreader. This unit is also considerably more expensive than the others that we have hitherto been considering.

Despite this, we think that the added quality is worth the price. If you insist on having precision when you set out to cook crepes, the Morning Star Crepe Maker is an excellent choice.

  • Has a small raised barrier around the edge to keep fat and batter from spilling
  • Has a 13-inch non-stick plate
  • Has handles that make it easy to carry and don’t heat up, even as the plate does
  • You can regulate temperature with an easy-to-use dial
  • An indicator light clearly shows you when you’ve reached the desired temperature
  • The plate heats up very evenly and remains so despite considerable use
  • Significantly more expensive than most crepe makers
  • The spatula and batter spreader that come with the model are not of the best quality

Morning Star 13-inch Crepe Maker and Electric Griddle


6. Cuisinart CPP-200 Crepe Maker Machine – Highest Overall Quality for Home Use

Although this versatile crepe maker is quite expensive, its impressive and useful array of features more than justifies its high price.

First, it has two knobs instead of just one: one meant to regulate temperature and the other meant to regulate cooking time. There is even an alarm that sounds off when the cooking time that you have set has expired.

Unlike all of the other units that we have been talking about so far, it comes with a lid or top layer, meaning that it can cook crepes for you in two distinct modes: open and closed. When closed, it simultaneously cooks both sides of a single crepe, relieving you of having to flip the crepe as it cooks. When open, you can, if you wish, use it to cook two crepes at once.

Both pans are 8 1/3 inches in diameter, are non-stick and are of rather high quality.

The lid locks for easy storage. Since it is completely dishwasher safe, you do not have to worry about cleaning it by hand.

It also happens to come with a measuring spoon, tongs and a mini ice cream roller.

If you’re willing shell out the extra money for it, this electric crepe maker is of truly exceptional quality and comes with our very highest recommendation.

  • The lid removes the need to flip your crepes while cooking them
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes with two knobs, one for regulating temperature and the other for regulating cooking time
  • Has an alarm to let you know when it’s done cooking
  • Comes with tongs, a meaning spoon and an ice cream roller
  • Has non-stick, high quality pans
  • Expensive
  • Pans are only 8 1/3 inches in diameter


Buyer’s Guide

Crepe makers have a variety of different specialized features that make them attractive to cooks and that all buyers should bear in mind. Since not all crepe makers are the same, many of these features will differ from model to model, meaning that buyers should form a good idea of what it is that they want most in a crepe maker before they decide on which one to purchase.

There are also a number of important questions about how crepe makers work and what they can do that we know may naturally occur to you if you’re shopping around for one of these machines.

Below, we will go through a number of these salient features and answer some of these questions.

Why Use A Crepe Maker At All?

This an obvious but very important question. After all, as long as you have eggs, flour, milk and water with which to make batter, as well as some sort of flat cooking surface on which to spread out that batter, you essentially have all that you need to make crepes. Strictly speaking, an ordinary pan or skillet would suffice as a flat cooking surface, so why get a special crepe maker at all?

Simply put, the reason why is that the ingredients mentioned above comprise only the very barest minimum of what is ideally needed to make a good crepe.

Crepe Maker

First of all, crepe makers are specifically designed to ensure the even cooking of batter, something that isn’t always guaranteed with an ordinary skillet. They also often come with thin edges that allow you to evenly spread your batter over the surface of your crepe pan or flip the crepe as needed. Crepe makers also have non-stick surfaces, which are godsends to cooks because they relieve cooks of the trouble of having to always scrape and possibly damage the surfaces of their pans when making large quantities of crepes. Some crepe makers even come with special tools to assist in spreading your batter or flipping your crepes.

These are all considerable advantages for crepe makers over ordinary pans.

Electric vs. Stovetop Crepe Makers

Since the crepe makers that we’ve considered here have all been electric ones, in the interest of giving you the fullest and most well-rounded picture of your available options as a buyer, we think it is best to include some discussion of how electric crepe makers compare with the other major type of crepe maker out there, the stovetop crepe maker.

Which of these two types will turn out to be best for you will ultimately depend on a number of factors. For this reason, a crucial component of knowing what kind of crepe maker is best for you is knowing yourself. Fortunately, we have a breakdown below of some of the relevant differences between electric and stovetop crepe makers to help you come to the best and most informed decision.


If you desire simplicity, speed and accuracy, or if you aren’t an especially skilled or experienced cook, an electric crepe maker may be the best choice for you. In electric crepe makers, most functions are automated. Many even have flashing or blinking lights meant to indicate to you when the crepe is done cooking. Also, electric crepe makers tend to be rather versatile devices, suitable for cooking not only crepes, but other things like pancakes and pizzelles.

Of course, with these advantages come a number of drawbacks that it is wise to also take account of. For one, you must remember that electric crepe makers are electric appliances, meaning that after using them, proper cleanup is essential. If certain key areas are not cleaned thoroughly and if batter, fat, sugar or anything else are allowed to creep in, the device may function improperly or not at all. There also tends, unfortunately, to be some significant variation in the quality of the non-stick surfaces of electric crepe makers. Some are just fine, well-built and easy to clean, whereas others are prone to creating messes and may give you a headache when cleaning.


A stovetop crepe maker, on the other hand, is, in simplest terms, a kind of specially-designed frying pan.

Non-electric stovetop pans are generally quite easy to clean. If you want to brown up the edges of your crepes and make them crispy, this generally is much easier to do with a stovetop crepe maker than with an electric one. Stovetop models also typically have excellent and reliable non-stick surfaces, specially designed as they are for making crepes or similar pastries. Certain stovetop models also come with an enameled surface that makes for even heating, though such models are generally on the more expensive side.

With stovetop crepe makers, the responsibility for heating and cooking the batter evenly mainly lies with the cook. If you’re not confident enough in your own cooking skills to be able to ensure manually that this happens, you might want to consider and electric model instead.

If you opt for a cast iron pan or one with some other kind of special surface like blue steel, remember that though these surfaces offer some great advantages – mainly in the form of durability and resistance to scratching – cleaning them is also usually significantly more difficult. Blue steel pans in particular even require some prior seasoning to prepare them for use.


All of the electric crepe makers that we have been discussing have been designed to do one thing: make it as easy as possible for you to reliably and evenly cook crepes so that you can then sit back and enjoy them.

Though non-electric stovetop crepe makers and pans certainly have advantages of their own, particularly for more experienced cooks, the electric crepe makers are all built with efficiency and ease of use in mind. So, if you’re looking to bring in a bit of the taste of a Paris cafe into your own home, they offer you a simple way to do precisely that.

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