Best Kegerators – Buyer’s Guide

Best KegeratorsIf you are a beer enthusiast and you will like to dispense your delicious cold beer from the comfort of your home, then you will love to hear that you can buy a dependable kegerator. Normally, kegerators are used to chill and dispense draft beer. If you frequently host parties, family dinners, or barbeques on the weekends with your friends or workmates, acquiring a high-quality kegerator is a choice you won’t regret making. Not only will the kegerator save you money that you would otherwise have spent on expensive bottled beer but it will also come with features like double or triple taps. This will make it convenient for you and your family to enjoy a variety of beers at the same time.

Buying the right kegerator, however, can be a challenging task, bearing in mind that there are a dozen models and brands on the market to choose from. So, how do you narrow down to the best kegerator that will best serve you and your family’s needs? Don’t worry because we have simplified it for you. In this article, we have reviewed 5 of the best kegerators that you can consider buying.

Best Kegerators of 2019

Product TypeColorsTapKegsWeightDimensions
W x D x H
Kegco HBK209B-2 Keg Dispenser (Editor's Choice)Kegco Homebrew Kegerator Dual Faucet Ball Lock Keg Dispenser BlackHome kegeratorStainless Steel; Black1, 2 or 3Not included96.8 pounds23.7 x 23.7 x 33 inCheck Price
EdgeStar KC3000 Full-Size Dual TapEdgeStar KC3000SSTWIN Full-Size Dual Tap Kegerator with Digital DisplayDual tap kegeratorStainless Steel; Black2Not included80 pounds23.6 x 23.4 x 33.5 inCheck Price
EdgeStar KC2000 Ultra Low Temp Dual TapEdgeStar Ultra Low Temp Home brew Dual Tap Kegerator with KegsDual tap kegerator with kegsBlack/Stainless Steel2Included81.6 pounds20.1x 24.8 x 48.5 inCheck Price
EdgeStar BR2001 Ultra Low Temp Fridge for Kegerator ConversionEdgeStar BR2001BL Ultra Low Temp Refrigerator for Kegerator ConversionRefrigerator for kegerator conversionSilver; Black-Not included81.6 pounds20.1x 24.8 x 48.5 inCheck Price
DELLA Mini Beer KegeratorDELLA Mini Beer KegeratorMini kegeratorStainless Steel1-15 pounds18 x 11 x 18 inCheck Price


1. Kegco HBK209B-2 Keg Dispenser – Best Rated All-Around Kegerator

Kegco is a reputed manufacturer in the line of beer freezing and dispensing, and Kegco Homebrew Kegerator is one of the models that it boasts about. With adequate space for storage and a powerful cooling technology, Kegco Homebrew is a device on its own class. It can store up to three five-gallon home brewed kegs while allowing you to tap two kegs. It also keeps the remaining beer cool and ready to dispense.

This versatile kegerator can be used adequately to dispense homebrew beer in all refrigerators whenever you require additional storage space for other beverages and food. It features two adjustable shelves that can be positioned far apart to hold 2-gallon jugs or bottles.

The Kegco Homebrew Kegerator features a sleek and stylish design. It comes with a black cabinet that is fitted with a matte black door to bring out the classy style while being less susceptible to showing smudges and fingerprints. Moreover, the frequent maintenance of this kegerator is simplified by the removable and easy to wash plastic drip tray. The four locking casters enable free movement from one room to another in order to give you the convenience to dispense draft beer wherever you want.

It also comes with an energy efficient and powerful cooling energy.

With its thermostatic temperature control, you can store your beer kegs at the desired temperature. You can also adjust the temperature range conveniently between 350 and 420 Fahrenheit. Moreover, you can access the back of this unity with the mechanical temperature control mechanism. The cooling technology is designed to give you up to 25 percent energy efficiency while allowing you to dispense ice cold beer and saving on your energy bills.

The kegerator is suitable for people looking to acquire a long lasting model.

Its cabinet features a stainless steel interior floor mat that makes it very durable while adequately and effectively distributing its weight. The mat also enables the kegerator to glide smoothly.

Specific Features

  • High-quality UL recognized
  • Stainless steel mat
  • Energy efficient cooling technology
  • Corrosive resistant CO2 cylinder
  • The dual gauge CO2 regulator
  • Perfect for home brewing
  • Easy to setup
  • Sturdy build
  • Spacious interior for more beer hold
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable
  • May have leaking problems
  • Complains about compressor issues

Kegco Homebrew Kegerator Dual Faucet Ball Lock Keg Dispenser


2. EdgeStar KC3000 Full-Size Dual Tap – User-Friendly and Affordable

When it comes to kegerators, EdgeStar brands require no introduction. This brand has made its name in manufacturing top of the range models, and EdgeStar KC3000SSTWIN says it all. This is a full-size dual tap kegerator that comes with a digital display and a black colored body. With its superior components like a single gauge regulator, a chrome plated brass faucet, a domestic ‘D’ system Sankey coupler, and an eye-catching design, this item is what you might need at your home.

It’s specifically designed for people who want an easy to use ice cold beer at the touch of a button. With easy to use and read control panels, you can easily adjust it while monitoring its temperature setting to ensure that your beer remains fresh and cold.

Whether you prefer ice cold or just slightly chilled stouts, the EdgeStar KC3000SSTWIN will get it right. You can also set your beer to cool at a range between 32 and 50 0F.

This kegerator features a full-size interior that is large enough to hold largely oversized bevel edged kegs.

Moreover, it can also hold full-size half-barrel keg, slim quarters, pony legs, or even up to three 6-barrel kegs. When it comes to clubbing, big families, and parties, this kegerator is your best bet.

With its chill mode, you can cool down a new keg in no time.

The handy chill mode enables the unit’s cooling compressor into overdrive the moment it is pressed while sending it back into the regular cooling mode when pressed again. This makes it serve as both a kegerator and a refrigerator. With a drip tray, 2 wire shelves, and a guardrail, its elegance is enhanced to a more appealing level.

Its integrated drip tray is designed to catch any spillage since you can easily get it out for convenient emptying and cleaning. This comes in handy during those not so sober moments.

The external tank mount enables you to install your gas tank just at the back of the unit while giving you more interior space.

Specific Features

  • Guardrails
  • 2 wired shelves
  • Drip tray
  • Freestanding operation only
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Digital display
  • Has an easy to use control panel
  • Required voltage and power
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a bit complicated manual
  • Difficult to place a pony keg

EdgeStar KC3000SSTWIN Full-Size Dual Tap Kegerator


3. EdgeStar KC2000 Ultra Low Temp Dual Tap – Best for Home and Commercial Use

If you plan to buy a kegerator that you can use for both commercial and personal brewing, EdgeStar Ultra Low Temp Home Full-size Kegerator could be your ideal pick. This is because it comes with dual taps so that you and your friends or customers will have their beer almost served at a go.

EdgeStar Ultra Low Temp is a full-size kegerator that is able to reach as low as the 30s, making it one of the coldest kegerators you can get on the market.

 This is made possible by its digital thermostat that can maintain the low temperatures. As such, the model can definitely keep your beer in fresh conditions for up to 3 months.

The external tank mounts make it possible for you to install the gas tank on the back of the unit while saving wider interior space to hold more kegs.

With its design, you can easily convert it into a refrigerator.

 What’s more, it comes with two commercial to home brew keg conversion kit and two empty reconditioned ball lock legs to hold up a standard full size 1/2 barrel keg.

It also features locking casters that allow you to carry it out easily for a throw party and then roll it back to its usual place of storage.

It also comes with a lightweight design and other extra components such as faucets, tower, two-piece drip tray, and hoses.

Specific Feature

  • Low-temperature range 30 to mid-40 degrees F
  • Chrome safety rail and tower
  • Two piece drip tray
  • Easy refrigerator conversion
  • Protective floor plate
  • Easy to clean
  • Thinner compared to standard models
  • A double-tap format for an extra variety
  • High-quality
  • Chills beer down to lows of 300F
  • A bit expensive


4. EdgeStar BR2001 Ultra Low Temp Fridge for Kegerator Conversion – Best Cheap Kegerator for Homebrew

EdgeStar BR2001BL Ultra Low Temp Refrigerator for kegerator is designed to work with all the beer line elements and hardware that comes with EdgeStar KC2000. This makes it a great homemade component for replacing the refrigerator of your kegerator.

The unit is ultra-low and can store up to a full size 1/2 shell Sankey standard keg. It comes with a reversible door while fitted with casters to enable easy mobility from its usual spot. As one of EdgeStar’s full-size kegerators, it’s able to attain temperatures in the lower 30s, thus becoming one of the coldest kegerators out of the many varieties in the market. Moreover, it features an easy to control temperature thermostat that allows you to select your preferred temperature to chill your keg. Depending on your day’s mood and weather or your friends’ preferences, you will easily set the range and wait to enjoy your beer as you chat along.

It also features a larger interior space to allow it to hold more beer bottles and standard-sized kegs. However, it doesn’t support the use of Miller and Coors rubberized kegs or any oversized kegs.

It’s compact and lightweight designed for easy portability to wherever you want to enjoy your chilled drafted beer around your homestead. If you want to hold an outdoor dinner, you can easily carry along this model out and in without a hassle.

Specific Features

  • Has a low temperature range of 30 to mid-40
  • Reversible door
  • Comes with casters for mobility
  • Protective floor plate
  • Freestanding use only
  • Larger interior space
  • Dual pressure CO2 regulator
  • Lightweight
  • Easy temperature control
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn’t support Miller and Coors rubberized kegs or ther oversized kegs


5. DELLA Mini Beer Kegerator – Best for Portability

The Mini Beer Kegerator from DELLA is specifically designed to quench your thirst with a personal cold draft tap. This one is the best for people who want an extremely portable kegerator to move about in their homesteads and comfortably have a cool beer anywhere.

This product is big enough to hold a growler yet compact enough to elevate your beer drinking to the next level. To have your craft style beer fresh from the tap, just insert beer, pull the tap forward, and the push back to the top.

With its ease of portability, you can turn your favorite beer cold and fresh from the tap draft just according to your preference. The Mini Beer Kegerator is ideal for 5-liter universal kegs and Heineken kegs.

Its cooling technology is advanced enough to keep your beer cool for longer periods. Moreover, its black and stainless steel design is a great addition to your home since it complements most home decors.

If you want to enjoy a great tasting beer right in the comfort of your living room, then DELLA Mini Beer Kegerator can provide you with just that. It enhances the texture, aroma, and taste of your beer from a can, bottle, or growler.

DELLA MIN is designed to pour a perfect beer without fail. This is because it’s built to last long while serving you with high-performance components from the inside and a sturdy and tough outer shell.

You can take it to your friend’s house, camping trip, to the beach, or anywhere you want to take your draft beer stress-free. With its removable water drip tray, you won’t have stress during cleaning.

Specific Features

  • You can use it with 5-liter universal kegs and Heineken kegs
  • Black and stainless steel stylish design
  • Amazing cooling technology
  • Three 16 CO2 Cartridges
  • LED temperature display
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Removable water drip tray
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Perfect cooling technology
  • Adjustable temperature with LED display
  • A bit noisy
  • Doesn’t come with internal growler container

DELLA Beer Kegerator


Buyer’s Guide

Finding the best kegerator that suits your needs will require a diligent search and making various well-informed considerations. Most of the buyers, especially first-timers, however, do not know what to look for when buying a kegerator. Here are some of the attributes that you need to consider:

Space and Size

You can consider buying a simple one-keg that will conveniently occupy your space. You can comfortably put it in your spare room, kitchen, or basement provided your room is enough to allow heat escape from the kegerator.

Handle Styles

Most models designed for home use often feature molded pull handles located on the top or side of the door. However, if you are looking for high-end models you will find out that they come with other choices like horizontal and vertical pull handles while commercial types come with handle styles located at the top for easy access.


Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential factors for keeping a kegerator at optimal performance. Choose a kegerator that allows you to easily clean the beer lines and other components in order to keep the taste and quality of the brew.


Different kegerators come with different beer capacities. Consider a full-size kegerator if you plan to use a full-size keg or pony keg. Moreover, knowing the different keg types and couplers will enable you to choose which model to purchase.

CO2 Tank

When you want to buy a kegerator, buy a model that has an effective and reliable CO2 tank. This is because it will give you a carbonated beer while enabling a fresh and efficient pouring. It also keeps the beer under pressurized conditions while preventing it from going stale. Moreover, the CO2 is responsible for maintaining pressure in the tubes so that you can attain a consistent pouring of beer from the tap.

Temperature Control

Storing and brewing beer is an essential component that allows you to enjoy the real taste of draft beer. When beer is maintained at an optimum temperature of between 360 and 400, it gets the best taste, foam, and a durable freshness. Some models come with a push switch with LED display of temperature while others come with built-in thermometers that control the temperatures of the beer inside the kegerator. Choose a model that has the best temperature control that you desire to have.


Portability is a crucial aspect to consider, especially if you want to organize a throw party outdoors. Standalone models come with wheels and are compact enough to be moved around. If you consider buying a built-in model, you won’t be moving it about.

Consumption Level

Consider the consumption levels prior to purchasing your kegerator. Choose a min if you want to enjoy your beer from time to time after work. But if you are planning to invite guests over the weekend to indulge, then you need a bigger kegerator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my Kegerator stay fresh?

Many breweries often print freshness date on the cap. If you are dispensing with CO2, maintain the correct pressure to keep a non-pasteurized beer to stay fresh up to 60 days.

What temperature should I maintain my kegerator at?

The temperature to store your keg is mainly determined by the style of draft beer you are serving. However, most craft breweries have their individual temperature recommendations.

How can I de-ice my kegerator?

The ice that has deposited in your kegerator normally defrosts on its own when the compressor cycles off. But if there is excessive ice buildup, switch off the unit, and let the ice melt when the kegerator is empty. Soak up the excess water with a towel.

How long should I wait before I begin using my keg?

Once you switch on your kegerator, you ought to start using it at least after 24 hours after the unit cools properly. Adjust the temperature setting depending on your preference.

What type of coupler do I need?

The ‘D’ system keg coupler is the type that mostly comes with kegerators. This type is well-matched with all domestic brand kegs and can fit up to 95 percent of American domestic beers. Nonetheless, there are other couplers that are in the market for you to consider.

What size keg will I need in my kegerator?

The size of keg you require will be determined on the type of kegerator you have. Although some units won’t hold certain brands of beer, common Coors Light and Miller Lite are bulkier as compared to standard-sized kegs. As such, you will need to check the kegerator width in order to gauge whether such brands will fit in.

What parts are included with kegerator?

Parts included vary with models but most kegerators come with a tap kit as well as all the other parts you will require to dispense beer. These are handles, beer towels with faucet, carbon dioxide, a regulator, a coupler, and hoses.

How often should I clean my kegerator lines?

In case you are using your beer lines often, it is advised to have them cleaned after every two weeks. Once every six weeks should be sufficient at a minimum.


From the above review, you can see that there are a considerable number of aspects to consider before making your final decision on which kind of kegerator you would consider perfect for your needs. We have also listed 5 of our best kegerators that we think could meet your needs.

Most of these models can be upgraded while you make a step to expand as time goes by. If you intend to purchase a kegerator for your home personal use, consider choosing a single-keg kind of model because it is available at an affordable price.

We believe our reviews and buyer’s guide will be of great help to you to find the best model for your homebrew setup. You can also keep it here to enjoy a review of the future innovative products or technologies that will be available soon.

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