Best Snow Cone Machines – Buyer’s Guide

Best Snow Cone MachinesDuring the warmer months of the year, you’ve probably seen ice cream trucks selling snow cones to any passers-by. They are created by using machines that are designed to cut ice cubes into small, chewable pieces. But did you know that there are snow cone machines available for at-home use? Below, have a look at eight of the best products sold online, of which will allow you to create delicious frozen treats for yourself or your family at any time. A comprehensive Buyer’s Guide will follow, ending on the brands recommended the most to consumers.

Best Snow Cone and Shaved Ice Machines of 2019

Product TypeColorsFeaturesWorking efficiencyDimensions
W x D x H
Nostalgia SCM502 (Editor's Choice)Nostalgia SCM502 Vintage Snow Cone MakerVintage design snow cone machineWhiteIncludes 2 snow cones or 3 x 16 oz. bottle of syrup, 20 snow cone cups, 20 spoon straws-13.5 x 10 x 17.5 in4.41 poundsCheck Price
Snowie Little Snowie 2Snowie Premium Shaved Ice Machine and Snow Cone MachineFast shaved ice machine for homeWhiteIncludes 6 free sample-sized bottles of flavored syrup and 8 machine washable party "Snowie Shovel" spoons-18 x 18 x 17 in12.06 poundsCheck Price
Hawaiian Shaved Ice MachineHawaiian Shaved Ice MachineHawaiian shaved ice machineWhiteIncludes 3 or 6 flavor party pack, snow cone cups, spoon straws, black bottle pourers, and round block ice molds-14.5 x 9.75 x 7.75 in8 poundsCheck Price
Paragon Simply-A-BlastParagon - Manufactured Fun Commercial Simply-A-Blast Snow Cone MachineFast commercial snow cone machineBlue-500 pounds per hour14 x 16 x 24 in50 poundsCheck Price
Nostalgia RSM602Nostalgia RSM602 Retro Snow Cone MakerRetro home snow cone makerRedIncludes snow cone syrups, straws and cups-12.5 x 10.5 x 15.5 in6 poundsCheck Price
ZENY Ice Shaver MachineZENY Electric Stainless Steel Shaved Ice MachineStainless steel ice shaver machineSilver-145 pounds per hour16.7 x 12.4 x 10.7 in12.3 poundsCheck Price
Hawaiian Shaved Ice S700Hawaiian Shaved Ice Kid-Friendly Snow Cone MachineSnow cone machine for kidsWhiteIncludes syrups, snow cone cups, spoon straws, and bottle pourers-10.2 x 6.5 x 11.2 in3 poundsCheck Price
WYZworks Commercial Heavy Duty Ice ShaverWYZworks Commercial Heavy Duty Ice ShaverCommercial shaved ice machineGreen; Orange; Yellow; Pink; SteelMay includes 2 Extra Blades Snow Cone Shaved143 or 440 pounds per hour17.7 x 13 x 10.7 in or 17 x 11 x 17.2 in16.05 or 22.7 poundsCheck Price


1. Nostalgia SCM502 – Best Vintage Snow Cone Maker For Home Use

On the surface, the Nostalgia SCM502 has the appearance of a traditional-looking ice cream stand. But make no mistake, there’s nothing rudimentary about the mechanics of its interior components. It weighs a little over four pounds, so if you’re looking for something that you can take with you outside, consider this as a good option.

Tradition Meets Modernity

Like many snow cone makers, this device performs best when the ice is frozen solid. You won’t want to place large chunks into the bowl at the top. Try sticking to either store-bought ice or cubes placed in the freezer.

Once turned on, the ice will come out in small bits, completely even, and small enough to mimic what you would receive from an ordinary snow cone stand.

You can make about ten in total with a full reservoir, so there will be more than enough for multiple families during get-togethers.

Who it is Best For

It seems that many companies that produce kitchen appliances haven’t done much to lower the decibel level of their products. The Nostalgia is no exception. It’s nearly as loud as a standard blender. If you stay in an apartment, you’ll definitely want to close the kitchen doors whenever this is turned on. And the plug could also hinder outside use, as mentioned before. It’s only two feet long and may require an extension cord during such instances. The Nostalgia is not really a “shaver” in the purest sense either, meaning your ice won’t come out resembling snow. Mind you, the ice is small but just small enough to be used for a snow cone. Nevertheless, the SCM502 is most beneficial to people who will break out the device seasonally, or limit it to special occasions.

  • Produces shaved ice with no large pieces in a consistent manner
  • Lightweight design is easy to carry and store temporarily during transport
  • Holds enough ice to produce about 10 medium-sized snow cones
  • During operation, the machine is noisy, almost to the level of a juicer or blender
  • The AC power cord is only two feet long, making it difficult to use in areas far away from an outlet (without an extension cord)
  • Although it can produce small ice shavings, they might not be fluffy enough for some consumers


2. Snowie Little Snowie 2 – Best Premium Ice Shaver

A Solidly Built Snow Cone Maker

The Snowie Premium Ice Machine should be a top choice for those who factor in good construction and speed. Parts are well made and as a whole, the machine will look nice on any kitchen countertop. There’s also various flavors included with the box, something you can use as an indicator to purchase later on once you’ve become accustomed to the product itself. As you place cubes into the feeder, the grounded ice comes out almost immediately, so be sure to have your cup at the ready before it’s turned on.

What to Know before you Buy

Still, the noise level is not to be ignored. It sort of sounds like the racket emitted on a broken garbage disposal unit underneath a kitchen sink. There is no tray for you to place a cup or bowl under the spout, so anything that misses it will, unfortunately, end up on the table/counter, so expect a cleanup job when there’s a large amount of ice to be cut.

The only way to avoid it is by holding the cup directly over the spout as the ice is coming out.

And while the ice emitted is very small, it is only possible when cubes are solid. You’ll have a freeze a good amount of ice over a long time period (close to 24 hours) to achieve this. For everything else, shavings will look slushy and melt away very fast. In any case, try the Snowie when you need something that will get you through years and years of hot summers.
  • Construction is well made, having no small pieces that break easily
  • Comes with samples of different flavors inside the box
  • Can produce a full cup of grounded ice very quickly
  • Very noisy, loud enough to be heard in a different room
  • The ice does not come out in a snow-like consistency


3. Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine – Best Cone Maker For Parties

An Ice Machine with Incredible Adjustments

The Hawaiian Shave Ice Machine has everything you’ll need for a snow cone party. There’s three syrups, straws, and two ice molds. When you need ice that’s white, snowy, and fluffy, this product is one of the machines most capable of doing the job. But even if you need ice that’s a little larger, adjusting the cutter is easy to do and allows you to produce anything from slushies to fine-textured beverages like blended frappuccinos. Snow cones are especially a treat. In fact, the blade quality will churn out shavings that are arguably better than what you may have had at a local snow cone stand.

Preparing Your Ice

Yet with all the great features and additions, there remains room for improvement for future models.

Normal bagged ice and ice cubes cannot be used with this machine.

Only the ice molds included with the product can be matched. You’ll have to place them in the freezer and wait until the ice is frozen to use.

If you need more molds, those can be acquired separately, so keep this in mind if the product is something you intend to use multiple times during the day. And occasionally large chunks of ice will linger at the bottom near the blades, requiring that you tip the machine over to pull it out. This tends to happen most often when your finished shaving, however. Overall, a great buy for anyone that wants to buy everything needed to make snow cones in one go but doesn’t mind looking for additional trays when two aren’t enough.

  • Ice comes out snowy and fluffy
  • The blades are adjustable when larger pieces of ice are preferred
  • Includes accessories (cups, several flavors, straws) with the device
  • They dispensing tray is small; limited room and space for the ice to fall without needing another cup
  • Ice from a freezer ice tray is incompatible with the device; only the containers sold with it can be used for freezing
  • Sometimes, chunks of ice will become stuck at the bottom, requiring it to be moved by tipping the machine upside down


4. Paragon Simply-A-Blast – Best For Commercial Use

The Paragon – Manufactured Fun ice shaver looks like something that you would see in a coffee shop or ice cream restaurant. It’s pretty large but small enough to fit in a standard sized kitchen. And even if you have a small kitchen, the machine can be carried around if stored in a garage or closet.

Industrial in Size and Strength

But before you consider this machine, take a good look at the specifications. It’s pretty heavy, weighing about 50 pounds total. But what it lacks in mass is made up for in the quality of ice that is produced.

The texture of the ice changes based on how you set the blades, so if you want it to come out in flakes, adjust to the lowest point.

Move it upwards to create larger blocks for your snow cones. And don’t worry about ice cubes, they are safe to use with the Paragon.

How to Use the Storage Box

You’ll want to avoid ice blocks. Although it does resemble a shaver that could accommodate them, attempting to use any ice above the ice of cubes will render the machine inoperable. And the large box below the motor features no temperature controls. As such, ice will melt fast when left in the container. Try to use it only when you know that the demand for ice will exceed its storage capacity. Anyhow, the Paragon is recommended for use in either commercial or residential areas. It can dispense hundreds of pounds of ice in a very short time, so its use could double as a great machine to break out for nearly any beverage that requires ice.

  • Ice size can be changed by moving the blade to correspond to the desired texture
  • Freezer-sized ice cubes can be used with the machine
  • Can produce up to 500 pounds of ice on the hour
  • Although industrial in size, cannot cut through ice blocks
  • Heavy; weighs about 50 pounds total (22.6 kilograms)
  • The box does not keep the ice frozen and will melt quickly if left inside


5. Nostalgia RSM602 – Best Retro Crushed Ice Maker

Make Fast and Easy Snow Cones with the RSM602

The second Nostalgia product on the list, the RSM602, is ruby in appearance and will rest on your counter perfectly with its compact size. Everything that’s on the previous model is here, save for the little wheels and pillars.

The entire base sits firmly on the surface and holds enough ice for about 20 snow cones.

There are also plastic cups included with a flat base that will allow you to place the cone on a table without worrying about it tipping over. A tray table is also featured, although there are only two slots. It’s suggested for singles or small families.

Important Design Features

The primary complaint with this machine is the door. On pictures, you’ll notice that the ice dispenser sits very close to the opening or hatch that must be pulled out when you’re ready to scoop up ice. It’s almost guaranteed that some ice will come out when attempting to do this unless you’re only shaving enough for yourself. Leaving any ice inside during operation will cause a buildup that gets annoying really fast when you’re trying to open it up, so be prepared to clean water off the counter. Or place a tray table underneath to savor what would have melted. In short, try the RSM602 for small-scale snow cone that will be limited to yourself or loved ones.

  • Has a tray table with two slots to place spare snow cones
  • Can hold enough ice for nearly 20 cones in all
  • Sold with plastic cones that can be placed on a flat surface
  • Makes lots of noise when attempting to shave ice cubes
  • The machine will not cut ice cubes properly and could break
  • When the side door is opened, ice will fall out of the box (when full); does not have dividers


6. ZENY Ice Shaver Machine – Best For Small Business

Steel in Build, Strong in Cutting Power

The Zeny Electric Ice Machine is made completely of stainless steel and has a rugged appearance. It might not be as pretty as some of the others mentioned but does a great job and shaving ice nonetheless. This also makes it a breeze to clean and the parts can simply be wiped over with a cloth when you’re done. Use either bagged or cubed ice; it should all come out shaved, very small and compact, even if the ice is not completely solid. Granted, your ice will ground better when frozen, but this device manages to stave off melting when it’s been in the freezer for a shorter amount of time (5 hours or more).

Using the Product Safely

Just remember the angle situated on the spout. It’s slanted and will spit out ice particles directly at the area that’s positioned in front of its center. That means you will have to turn on the machine and see where it’s going to avoid anything getting on your counter. And when you’re almost finished, it has a tendency to throw ice out all over the place, so it’s almost unavoidable. Try having a towel or washcloth nearby to prevent things from getting messy on whatever surface the product is being used.

Try not to use this machine with small children nearby.

The design is easy for anyone to place their finger close the blades, which are very sharp. But none of these issues make the Zeny a bad product. In fact, it’s design might be favored since the steel parts could blend in with your kitchen’s decor better than the other contenders.
  • Because of the varieties of ice sizes the machine can cut, lots of drink styles can be created
  • Normal ice cubes can be used with the product
  • The stainless steel build is easy to clean out with a simple rinse
  • The ice is dispensed at an angle that sometimes misses the tray table, resulting in a messy cleanup
  • Care must be taken when adding ice, as the blade is extremely sharp
  • Uneven base creates more noise on top of the already loud motor


7. Hawaiian Shaved Ice S700 – Safe Maker For Kids Use

A Child-Friendly, powerful Ice Shaver

If you have a child that loves helping out when you’re in the kitchen, what better way to award them than having a machine that gives them a treat at the same time? The Hawaiian Kid-Friendly Snow Cone Machine is designed to be used by children, having numerous safety features that will prevent them from injuring themselves when placing ice inside the feeding and dispensing. How is it done? Simply put, it’s a completely automatic snow cone maker.

There are no manual controls to speak of.

Many ice shaving products must be used by forcing the ice towards the blades by pressing down on the top portion of the device, in a similar vein to juicers that use tampers to ground up the solid parts into a liquid. The only things required is to place ice in the top and lock the lid into place, where children cannot access.

How Loud Is It?

The negatives are few but should be noted. The design, while good, makes it easy to tip over if care is not taken to notice the back portion of the device. It sort of looks like a slim coffee maker, but the base is a lot larger than the area leading up to the spout. It’s easy for anyone to hit, so use caution to not brush your hands or arms on the shaver. And the decibel level is pretty high, so if you don’t want to wake up anyone when shaving ice, try to limit your use during the evening hours. Other than that, the Hawaiian is a remarkable machine that performs well and is simple to use, even for curious kids.

  • No manual controls featured; operation is completely automatic
  • The Ice doesn’t need to be pressed towards the blade when used
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Easy to tip the dispenser over when brushed
  • Makes a high pitched sound that amplifies when crushing hard ice


8. WYZworks Commercial Heavy Duty Ice Shaver – Best For Snack Bars, Cafes And Restaurants

An Ice Machine that cuts through Ice Like Paper

Last on the list is the WYZworks Heavy Duty Ice Shaver. There are five different varieties to choose from, including the popular all stainless steel/chrome design that has a steel tray table at the bottom to hold a bowl, of which is included with the product. The others do not possess this feature and instead, leave a gap in the area where the bowl should be placed.

This machine is especially good at cutting through very hard ice that’s been frozen for an extended time period.

It’ll go through it with ease, dispensing out fine shards of snow that’s compact and won’t melt as soon as it’s placed out of the bowl.

Maintenance and Upkeep

And while it is stainless steel, some of the parts may succumb to rust easily. Being that only water is touching the interior parts, try to make sure that everything is completely dry whenever you’re done using the snow cone maker. And at times, ice make leave the spout in random directions that leave a mess on your counter. It’s likely to happen more often when ice is being used that’s only partially frozen. Try to form a habit of storing ice early in advance when anticipating later use of the machine. All things considered, this WYZworks appliance is a great tool to use for fans of thin-cut ice that comes out at lightning speed.

  • Being that the bowl (and other components) of the machine are stainless steel, the ice won’t melt quickly
  • Can cut through dense, solid pieces of ice like butter
  • Dozens of snow cones can be produced in less than five minutes
  • The interior may rust easily, should be cleaned and dried immediately after use
  • When shaving the ice, the spout tends to shoot ice in random directions, resulting in tedious cleanup


Buyer’s Guide

Here’s some helpful tips to assit you in picking the best snow cone maker for your home.

Family Size

Your snow cone machine should be chosen on whether or not you have a large family. There are also machines better suited for single or couples that don’t plan on using the product for any special occasion. Oftentimes this can be known by simply viewing the machine itself. The size of the container that holds the ice after it’s shaved is a big indicator as well. Most manufacturers will list the amount of ice their machine is able to output within the span of an hour, so allow a device’s speed to correspond to the number of people you think will use it. The faster the speed, the more suitable it is for a larger number of people.

Kitchen Size

If you have a small kitchen, take note that some snow cone makers are more difficult to use in confined spaces. The dimensions tend to go all over the place with each machine, with some able to fit on any kitchen counter and others that will practically cover up an entire table.

Since most of these products are devices that you will probably use on occasion (meaning not every day of the year), having a proper storage area is a plus, especially if you plan to purchase an ice shaver that’s large. And don’t forget about power cords either; some machines, even the big varieties, may require that you move other kitchen accessories around just to plug it in and have space left over.

Is it Child Safe?

Many children love to help out around the kitchen, so long as it’s something that will reward them with a dessert they enjoy eating. Snow cone shavers happen to be one of those items. But remember that some of these products should not be used around kids. The reason is due to the blades and how ice is placed in the container that houses them. Some are exposed, leaving little safety features for your hands.

Others are operated automatically, requiring that you only add ice into the feeder without pressing down on it for everything to crush. Pay close attention to what the manufacturer’s recommendation is. Fortunately, most machines that are child-friendly will boldly say so in their description, so use that as an index for picking one that’ll keep you and anyone else from getting nicks.

Snow Cone Machine AccessoriesWhat Accessories are Included?

It may have happened to your on more than one occasion: buying an item and expecting it to work immediately, than later on finding out that there’s more needed for you to use it. In order for snow cone makers to be used to their full potential, it’ll require cones, straws, and syrups, things that could be looked over easily.

Fortunately, many companies that produce these machines will add a limited supply of all the items mentioned. However, there are some that won’t include anything. And there are others that might not have the right amount of parts you need, such as ice molds. Double-check to be sure that you already obtain or don’t need anything more that’s not shipped alongside the device you order. You don’t want to miss anything important when your snow cone maker arrives at your door.


After going over the list of all the snow cone makers reviewed, you probably have an idea of what brand you want to add to your kitchen. If not, the Nostalgia, Snowie, and Hawaiian Ice Machines are the most recommended in terms of strength and ease of use. But that doesn’t rule out the others that were evaluated. They all possess certain advantages that you could be looking for over the others. As shown in the buyer’s section, getting the best machine has it’s share of factors to consider. So long as you understand the benefits, you’re sure to end up with a good snow cone machine.

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