Raptor vs. A-M Comparison: How to Choose the Best Gutter Guards Brand?

Raptor gutter guard vs A-M Aluminum Guttere screen_Every house owner faces the issue of clogged gutter sooner or later. As you may already know, cleaning those is not the most pleasant and easy experience. You need to climb all the way up, get your hands dirty, and waste your precious time at home. What if we told you that there is simple salvation to the problem? The fact is that these days there is such a thing as a gutter guard. In fact, there are different types of those so that everyone can choose the option that fits the needs best. Today we are going to discuss two types of the gutter guard: Raptor and A-M gutter guards so that you can compare all the advantages and disadvantage of both and choose the best one for you lovely house!

Comparison Table

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Raptor EasyOn Gutter Guard | Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh

Raptor (EasyOn)

  • Best Features:
    – rust-proof stain-less-steel,
    – micro-mesh openings block everything,
    – 25-year warranty
  • Gutter Type: All
  • Gutter Size: 5″/6″/7″
  • Guard Type: Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh
  • Guard Length 4 ft × 12pcs

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A-M Aluminum Gutter Guard


  • Best Features:
    – heavy-gauge aluminum,
    – lifetime no-rust warranty,
    – 380 holes per foot
  • Gutter Type: All
  • Gutter Size: 5”
  • Guard Type: Perforated Aluminum Screen
  • Guard Length
    – 4 ft × 50pcs
    – 4 ft × 25pcs

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Raptor (EasyOn) – Best Rated Gutter Guards

raptor gutter guard

We are going to start our review with easyon gutter guard, that is how people call Raptor gutter guard. If you are looking for the top-seller on amazon – that would be the choice you should make. The gutter guards are made of stainless steel, which is rust-resistant and durable. Also, the holes in the gutter guard are super tiny, which ensures that not even the tiniest debris can get into the gutter. It should be added that the item comes in three sizes so that you can find the one that fits your gutter seamlessly.


All the best gutter guards should come with the list of advantages, and Raptor is not an exception.

  • Firstly, the 25-year warranty is a pleasant addition to such a useful item.
  • Secondly, if anything happens, you can always reach out to technical support situated in the USA.
  • All the installation items such as screws and drives, come with the gutter guard.
  • The gutter guard is safe, durable, and manageable to install on your own.


Of course, some people find downsides to this product too.

  • The main one is the cost since the Raptor gutter guard comes at a premium price.
  • Some customers feel like the holes are too tiny so that heavy rains won’t go through.

How to Install Raptor Gutter Guards

In case you feel like raptor gutter guards are what you need, then we offer you to follow the link to find out some more useful information about the installation of the item.

A-M – Best Gutter Screens

A-M Gutter Screen

We have mentioned it that there are different types of gutter guards, and if you are looking for aluminum gutter guards, then A-M is the type to consider. These gutter guards are designed in such a way that they go into the gutter itself so that they are invisible. Apart from that, the guard is made with angle bends. Such an approach allows all the debris being kept while all the water passes through with no obstruction. That fact that the guard is made of aluminum makes it rust-resistant and overly durable. In fact, the item comes with a lifetime warranty.


Let’s have a closer look at the benefits of this particular type of gutter guard.

  • The thickness of the aluminum that the guard is made of ensures that it does not bend or distort.
  • The guard is not that difficult to install on your own.
  • Joins are seamless so that you do not need to worry about the leaf traps.
  • The gutter guard does not come in contact with the roofing material.
  • The number of holes per foot makes sure than anything apart from a heavy hurricane will do through.


  • One of the main disadvantages lies in the fact that the item comes without screws necessary for the installation.
  • Another one is that some debris can gather on top of the guard, but it is blown away when it dries out.

How to Install A-M Aluminum Gutter Guards

The affordability of the particulate type of gutter guard makes it highly required on the market. In case you wonder how hard it is to install them – all you need to do is to check out the video below:


To sum all up, it is safe to say that both gutter guard types are good. They serve the same purpose, however, while Raptor does not have a lifetime warranty, it has a technical support offer. Besides, the higher price is covered by the full set of hardware required for the installation, while A-M guards come without screws added to the set. If you want to trap the tiniest debris out, then Raptor is the choice to make. However, if you want the gutter guard to serve you forever without paying a fortune for it – A-M gutter guards are those you need.

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