best gutter guards Improvements
Best Gutter Guards for Home Use – Buyer’s Guide
Does this sound like a fun weekend to you? Set up 25’ ladder against the house. Climb to the top of the ladder. Scoop out slimy, rotted leaves from the gutter and throw to ground. Go down the ladder.
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Best skylights for hone Improvements
Best Skylights for Home – Buyer’s Guide
When you’ve built as many houses as I have over the years, it becomes clear that there is always a budget. And budgets lead to a series of trade-offs. If you choose granite countertops, out go the thermal pane windows.
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Best Paint for Projector Screens Improvements
Best Paint for Projector Screen
Remember that geeky kid in high school, the one that ran the projector, or sat in the dark controlling the lighting for the school play?  Best Paint for Projector Wall (Updated ) Product Product Information
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