Top-5 Must-Have Appliances for your Kitchen

Every now and then, we all want to change something in our kitchens, make them look fresh and bright again. Other times, we want to purchase something more practical, something that helps us cook or keeps our drinks cold. But why not combine these two ideas? Why don’t we invest in appliances that are equally useful and add a trendy touch? If you were asking yourself those kinds of questions, the following list of top-five appliances will be right up your alley.

Today, we’ll talk about beverage coolers, percolators, crepe makers, kegerators, and, of course, tortilla presses. I’ve been looking for that one and only appliance for a while now, and have invested a lot of time and energy in finding the best one(s). So, join me, and let’s check out some of the finest household goods that are reasonably priced, look good, and serve their purpose well.

Beverage Coolers for a Hot Summer Day

When it’s hot outside, and you’ve got nowhere to hide, a cold drink can save the day. Sadly, regular fridges aren’t always capable of keeping your soda, juice, and other drinks nice and chilly 24/7. That’s where the beverage coolers come in. As the name suggests, these appliances are specifically made for beverages. They fit perfectly in any environment and can save you a lot of trouble when you’re throwing a big party for dozens of guests.

But how do you pick the Best-Beverage-Cooler? First of all, check the size: will it fit in your kitchen? Will it be enough to accommodate all of your drinks at once? I always check whether the door shelving can hold taller bottles or not. Make sure the fridge is scratch-resistant and efficient (doesn’t need much power/energy to run). This is important: you can’t take a regular refrigerator on a camping trip. If that’s important for you, look for a portable cooler.

Percolators for the Coffee Fans

Best PercolatorsIf you prefer to brew your own coffee, a percolator might be a good investment. These days, the market is full of automatic drip coffee makers, but some people still prefer to do things the old-school way. The smell, the taste, and the whole process will be worth the money. Don’t go for something cheap – go for the Best Percolator and enjoy high-quality coffee. Make sure it’s made of stainless steel or aluminum and protected against rust/corrosion.

Next, check the size (how many cups it can brew coffee for). Then, consider the design. I’m not only talking about the looks but also the construction. For example, eight-sided percolators disperse heat evenly, making the coffee taste even better. On average, a percolator takes five minutes to make a cup of coffee for you. And if it’s easy to clean, that will be a nice bonus and more reason to purchase it.

Crepe Makers for a Morning Snack

Best Crepe MakersAre you one of those folks with a sweet tooth who loves crepes? They are delicious, and you can add pretty much any filling/topping to them that comes to mind. However, you won’t be able to make them nice and thin unless you’ve got the right appliance. So, in that case, a crepe maker will be a good purchase for your kitchen. Easy to use, power-effective, and affordable – that’s what the Best Crepe Maker looks like.

The most generous packages also include recipes, a batter spreader, a spatula, and other bonuses. As for the material, I recommend going with aluminum. The surface should be large enough for your crepes and have a non-stick surface. Most crepe makers come with a dial that allows setting the right temperature. Last, but not least, pick a maker that can keep juices and fats from spilling out and has rubber feet for extra stability.

Kegerators for the Finest Beer

Best KegeratorsWho doesn’t like beer, right? For a big, noisy party, draft beer is a perfect choice. And, you’ll need a premium-quality kegerator to keep it nice and cold. It’s no secret that bottled beer costs a lot, and if you invest in a kegerator, you’ll get to save some bucks. The market is overcrowded with all kinds of offers from different brands, and it can be quite hard to find the Best Kegerator for your kitchen.

But don’t you worry: there are a couple of key factors that will help you choose the right one. First of all, check whether a keg is included. Next, we’ve got the faucet – that’s where the beer is poured. I recommend purchasing a multiple-tap faucet so that you can serve different types of beer/other beverages. The most advanced models allow controlling the temperature with a LED. Also, make sure the kegerator has an effective and dependable CO2 tank.

Tortillas Presses for the Best Flat Cakes

Best Tortilla PressesLast, but not least, consider purchasing a tortilla press. Like the crepe maker, it can quickly turn into your favorite kitchen appliance. With it, you’ll be able to make delicious Mexican tortillas and enjoy them with your family. The finish, the material quality, the size, and the price are all important aspects to consider. Instead of looking for the most popular or expensive brand, let these factors define which company has the Best Tortilla Press.

Cast iron is a high-quality material and is perfect for this appliance. Metal and plastic are good enough as well, but not as reliable. As for the weight, the average press weighs 5.5 pounds and won’t be hard to move around. A tortilla press should also be versatile, meaning be able to make other dough products.


See, there are enough top-notch appliances that can greatly improve your kitchen. If you’re a big beer fan, a kegerator will definitely be a good pick. The fans of other drinks like soda might want to pay extra attention to beverage coolers. The coffee lovers will probably save for a brand-new percolator, and so on. If you want to take a look at the best products in each category, I invite you to check out my reviews.

I’m a big fan of kitchen appliances and know a thing or two about how to find the best balance of price and quality. And if you’ve got some questions regarding what we discussed today, I’ll be happy to help you out! Hit me in the comments section and I’ll get back at you as soon as I can.

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