Best Door Knobs – Buyer’s Guide

Best Door KnobsYou just decided to upgrade the appearance of your door, and you just realized that a doorknob is a perfect way to achieve this. Choosing the best doorknob is not as easy as it sounds. Why? It is because there are numerous brands of doorknobs on the market, and the one you choose could affect or improve the outlook of your door. That notwithstanding, choosing a poor doorknob could cause problems to your door.

As a result, you have to make some significant considerations when you are out in the market to get yourself the best doorknobs. This article will simplify the task for you by providing a detailed review of ten best doorknobs that you could get yourself, including a buyer’s guide.

Best Door Knobs of 2019

Product TypeLockColorsDimensionsMaterials 
Kwikset 97402-736 Juno Entry Knob (Editor's Choice)Kwikset Juno Entry Knob featuring SmartKeyDoor knobsYesAntique Brass; Polished Brass; Rustic Bronze; Satin Nickel; Venetian Bronze3 x 4.6 x 8.8 inMetalCheck Price
Schlage F51A ACC 609Schlage Lock Company Knob Keyed Entry LockDoor knobs and levers with many patterns and stylesYesAntique Brass; Antique Pewter; Bright Chrome; Distressed Nickel; Matte Black; Satin Nickel; Aged Bronze; Bright Brass; Oil-Rubbed Bronze; Satin Brass; Satin Chrome; Polished NickelVarietyMetalCheck Price
Prime-Line C1204Prime-Line Sliding Glass Door Handle SetDoor handles setNoBlack; White1.9 x 5 x 9 inDiecast materials with wooden handleCheck Price
Defender Security E2537Defender Security Mortise Style Fluted Glass DoorknobsGlass interior door knobsNoBrass; Bronze; Chrome; Satin Nickel1.9 x 2 x 2 inGlass and metalCheck Price
Legend 809121 US15Legend Lever Handle Privacy LocketInterior privacy door leversYesOil-Rubbed Bronze; Satin Nickel; Polished Brass5.7 x 4.1 x 6.2 inMetalCheck Price
Schlage FE285 CEN 619 LATSchlage Lock Company Century Front Entry Handle Latitude Interior LeverExterior handle with interior leverNoSatin Nickel; Satin Chrome; Bright Chrome; Aged Bronze2.2 x 2.5 x 11.9 inMetalCheck Price
Kwikset 91550-001 US15Kwikset Halifax Slim Square Privacy Bed-Bath LeverSquare privacy leversYesIron Black; Polished Chrome; Satin Nickel7.3 x 6.2 x 3.6 inMetalCheck Price
Rockwell 88060002 Charlotte Sliding Door Handle SetRockwell Charlotte Sliding Door Handle SetDoor handles setYesAntique Brass; Brushed Nickel; Brushed Stainless Steel; Oil Rubbed Victorian Bronze; Oil-Rubbed Bronze; Polished Brass; Polished Chrome; White1 x 4 x 7.25 inMetalCheck Price
Schlage FE595CS V PLY 626 ELASchlage ELA Plymouth Light Commercial Electronic Keypad Lock with Elan LeverElectronic keypad lock with leverYesBrushed Chrome6.5 x 8 x 9.2 inMetalCheck Price
Gainsborough 86689 Genuine Porcelain Doorknob SetGainsborough GENUINE PORCELAIN Doorknob SetPorcelain interior door knobsVarietyVariety8 x 8 x 8 inMetal and porcelainCheck Price


1. Kwikset 97402-736 Juno Entry Knob – Best Knob With SmartKey Tech

If you thought Smart Tech could not be integrated into doorknobs, then you thought wrong. The Kwikset Juno Entry knob is an excellent door accessory that is designed to feature exquisite style with amazing security features.

This doorknob is specially built to be used on exterior doors to enhance security. Interestingly, it utilizes the SmartKey re-key technology, which lets you re-key the lock in three easy steps – something that takes seconds to do.

The Juno Entry Knob is also designed to suit both right and left-handed individuals, implying that you don’t have to worry about its placement on your door. It is a high-quality product that complements the looks of your home with its impressive design and style. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about its durability because it comes with a lifetime mechanical and finish warranty.

  • It has a lightweight design
  • It features a unique and impressive style
  • It has BumpGuard technology for protection
  • It’s easy to install
  • Includes a lifetime mechanical and finish warranty
  • It only lasts a couple of months
  • The lock might come upside down


2. Schlage F51A ACC 609 – Best Door Lever For The Price

If you are looking to find the best doorknob at a reasonable price, you might consider settling with the Schlage Lock Company Knob. It is a high-quality knob that features antique brass. Not only does this knob help to improve the appearance of your home but it also enhances the security. One of the most impressive things about this knob is that it is effortless to install. You only need to have a screwdriver to guarantee the safety of your home. Keep in mind that this knob is designed to fit on standard pre-drilled doors.

Interestingly, this doorknob has a key lock, which allows you to lock your door easily. You could also use the interior turn button on this knob to lock and unlock your door. It has also been designed to deliver optimum durability, and you don’t have to worry about this knob’s longevity because it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

We recommend this product because of its durability. It is arguably the most suitable knob for people who have standard pre-drilled doors.

  • It provides your home with an aesthetic appearance
  • Very durable
  • It includes a limited lifetime warranty
  • It’s easy to install
  • Its value matches up with quality
  • The handle hardly stays straight
  • The handle is a little loose

Schlage F51A Accent Lever Keyed Entry Lock



3. Prime-Line C1204 – Best Door Handle Set For Sliding Door

If your house has sliding doors, you probably know the importance of having the best knob installed. They help you operate your door much easier. If you are looking for a sliding doorknob but can’t make up your mind on the one you should get, you might consider getting yourself the Prime-Line Sliding Glass Door Handle Set.

This handle set comes with a standard reversible surface mount, and it is no-handed, meaning that both right and left-handed people can use it. It features a hook style, which makes it ideal for making replacements on your broken door handle. It saves you the trouble of having to replace the entire door.

The installation of this door handle is quick and easy, and it is designed to fit doors with a thickness of 1-inch to 1-1/2- inch. It also has to use mounting hole centers of 3-15/16 inches.

A notable feature on this door handle is the light stained wooden handle and the white-painted diecast materials. They make your patio look impressive.

  • It is economically priced
  • Made of durable material
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Ideal size for your patio sliding doors
  • The lock lever cannot work well if a washer isn’t put on the inside screws
  • The screws are a bit wide, making it hard to fit into the handle’s thread.


4. Defender Security E2537 – Best Mortise Style Interior Glass Doorknob

If you are looking for a doorknob to fit into your interior door hardware, then you could consider these doorknobs as a viable option. They are made of fluted glass and have a bronze finish, which gives them an attractive look. Moreover, they feature a classic design that could complement everything in your home.

At an affordable price, you can get this Mortise lock set to replace broken knobs on antique interior doors. They can fit on vintage interior doors because their base features a bronze finish.

When you settle for these doorknobs, however, you may have to purchase some items separately for proper installation. The additional items that you acquire separately include diecast, glass, and steel components.

That notwithstanding, the installation process is simple and quick. Additionally, the knobs come with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

  • They are super affordable
  • They have a vintage and beautiful design
  • They are very easy to install
  • They match and fit perfectly
  • Ideal for carrying out a replacement in an old house
  • You may be required to buy some parts separately
  • They may have some durability issues


5. Legend 809121 US15 – Best Interior Lever Doorknob

You can hardly run out of options when it comes to getting the best knob for your door. One of the doorknobs that you could consider purchasing is the Legend Lever Handle Privacy Locket. The doorknob features a sturdy and ergonomic construction, making it ideal for securing your doors.

It enhances your home’s security by having a turn lock on the interior knob. And you can reverse the handle to suit both right and left handed doors. You could get this knob if your door measures 1-3/8″ to 1-3/4″. Additionally, this impressive doorknob is designed with a 2-3/8-inch – 2-3/4-inch latch that can be adjusted. It is also quite affordable.

  • Has a thumb lock on the interior side to promote security and privacy
  • Has a sturdy construction
  • Easy to install
  • The handles are reversible for a smoother operation
  • It offers no allowance for you to adjust the handle to fit the hole. [Red]
  • The finish is not impressive

Legend Lever Handle Locket


6. Schlage FE285 CEN 619 LAT – Best Exterior Heavyweight And Adjustable Doorknob

If you are comfortable enough to dig deeper into your pockets to acquire a high-quality doorknob, then you might consider the Schlage Lock Company Century Front Entry Handle Latitude Interior Lever. This item costs a lot more than the other items on this list, but it could be worth every penny. It is also heavier than most doorknobs, weighing a full 3 pounds.

The most impressive detail about this door lever is that it is designed with adjustable through-bolts. These bolts slide up and down 1-1/2-inch to 38 mm, which eradicates the need to re-drill your door. You can fix it in pre-existing holes.

When it comes to matters of durability with this doorknob, you have little to worry about. This is because it is made of metal, a feature that not only enhances its longevity but also improves security. This doorknob is usually recommended because it can be adjusted to fit all standard door preps. Moreover, it comes with a limited lifetime mechanical and finish warranty.

  • It features a sturdy construction
  • Very durable
  • Adjustable to fit all standard door preps
  • Has a great appearance
  • Doesn’t require you to drill new holes when installing
  • It is a bit pricey
  • The dimensions are a bit off


7. Kwikset 91550-001 US15– Best Doorknob For Privacy

Every homeowner has rooms that he or she considers private such as the bedroom and the bathroom. The best way to secure such rooms is by installing a lockable doorknob. Towards that end, you could consider getting the Kwikset Halifax Slim Square Privacy Lever. Undoubtedly, this product’s value matches its quality, and it does not require you to spend a lot of your money to acquire it.

Interestingly, this doorknob adheres to the ADA/ANSI A117.1 requirements, allowing access to all the disabled people. It includes a fully reversible contemporary lever that can be installed on the right and left handed doors. It has an adjustable latch to fit standard doors.

Another impressive detail about this doorknob is that it has an alignment post, which gives you an easy time during installations. Moreover, the alignment post helps to strengthen the springs to prevent the lever from sagging after frequent use.

  • It is ideal for both left and right handed doors
  • Has an exquisite design
  • It’s economically priced
  • It is a bit delicate
  • A bit hard to install

Kwikset Halifax Slim Square Bed-Bath Lever


8. Rockwell 88060002 Charlotte Sliding Door Handle Set – Best Impact-Resistant Doorknob

Well, durability is critical when it comes to doorknobs. You don’t want to rush to the retailer after every month to replace your doorknob. If you have sliding doors on your patio, you might consider equipping yourself with the Rockwell Charlotte Sliding Door Handle Set. This is because it is a durable door handle set that fits doors that have a mortise lock application, and it is compatible with right and left-handed doors.

The Rockwell Charlotte Sliding Door Handle Set is guaranteed to last long because it is impact resistant, waterproof, lockable, and washable. The installation is also easy because it involves screwing in. And it can be used in commercial and residential buildings, and for a fine finish.

This handle set can be used on sliding doors that have a thickness of up to 1-3/4-inches. Additionally, it fits 3 or 4 hole mounts, and it comes with installation fasteners. However, it does not come with a mortise lock.

  • It is waterproof
  • It is impact resistant
  • The installation process is easy
  • You can wash it whenever it gets dirty
  • It has a good quality
  • It is lockable for security
  • The set doesn’t include a mortise lock
  • The screws are not a good fit

Rockwell Sliding Door Handle Set


9. Schlage FE595CS V PLY 626 ELA – Best Doorknob With An Electronic Keypad Lock

Have you ever lost the keys to your office? If you have, you know how distressing it can get. You might be forced to call a locksmith at an extra cost or even break the door down to gain access. Luckily, you could avoid this trouble by getting yourself the Schlage ELA Plymouth Light Commercial Electronic Keypad Lock with Elan Lever.

This doorknob gives you maximum privacy because all you need to do is add your codes on the keypad because it is designed with six-digit programming code. You could also delete the codes from the keypad. It also has two 4 digit user codes that are pre-programmed to allow instant use.

It comes with a 9-volt battery, and it has a low battery indicator. The keypad also has a backlight to allow you to see even at night. Durability and security are part of this keypad lock because it is made of metal. What’s more, it includes a 3-year limited electronics warranty and a limited lifetime mechanical and finish warranty.

  • It gives you keyless access and security
  • Can be used on a wide variety of doors
  • It is easy to install
  • Comes with a 3-year limited electronics warranty plus a limited lifetime mechanical and finish warranty
  • Has a sturdy construction
  • It is fairly expensive


10. Gainsborough 86689 Genuine Doorknob Set – Best Porcelain Doorknob

Last but not least, we have the Gainsborough GENUINE PORCELAIN Doorknob Set. You might consider purchasing it because it is lockable, providing you with the privacy that you need in specific rooms in your house. Moreover, this set also has a non-lockable option, implying that it is up to you to select the one that best suits your needs.

This doorknob set is built to fit doors that have a thickness of 1-3/8-inch with a standard 2-3/8-inch backset. The doorknob is also beautiful, stylish, and quite sturdy. It also features a lightweight design.

  • Has a lightweight design
  • Beautiful and stylish to complement your home’s aesthetic value
  • Has a sturdy construction
  • It is easy to install
  • It is expensive
  • The axle is a little short

Gainsborough GENUINE PORCELAIN Doorknob


Buyer’s Guide

When you are out to purchase a doorknob, it wouldn’t be wise to settle for the first item you lay your eyes on at the retailer because you might end up making the wrong choice. That is why it is imperative for you to make some major considerations. Here are some of the most important things to consider when shopping for a doorknob to ensure that you make the right purchase.


Most people go to buy a doorknob to improve the security of their homes. When you go to get yourself a doorknob, you most probably want to keep intruders off your property. That is why you need to consider the security of your entry doorknob. Fortunately, doorknobs are tested and graded for security with Grade 1 being the highest, while Grade 3 provides basic security features. Be sure to consider what you would like to protect so that you can get the knob that is best suited for your needs.


One of the most crucial things to consider is the cost of the doorknob. There are different manufacturers in the market, meaning that the prices will differ. Prices are also determined by the specs of the doorknob. You should first set your budget limits, and then conduct market research to find a high-quality doorknob that will not cost you much.

The ease of installation

Another key issue is to review how easy it is to install your doorknob. Keep in mind that most doorknobs are easy to install, but if you are a novice, there is a high likelihood that you will have some difficulty carrying out the installation. It is always advisable to look for someone to help you out, or you could always look at online reviews to guide you.

The style and shape

Technically, doorknobs help to uplift the appearance of your home, and different doorknobs are made of different material. If you want a doorknob that will complement the decor of your home, it is imperative to find one that suits your style. It could be classic/vintage or modern. The choice is all yours. Luckily, there are a lot of options available in the market.

The color and finish

Additionally, you have to consider the color and finish of the doorknob that you would like to get yourself. Doorknobs come in a wide range of colors, giving you endless options. If you want to add to the aesthetic value of your home, it is advisable to get a knob with attractive colors as opposed to a dull one.

The types of doorknobs

There are two major types of doorknobs, and each is meant to serve a different purpose. It is vital for you to consider what you need the doorknob for before making the purchase. The two types are:

I. Interior doorknobs

These are meant to be used indoors, and their categories include privacy knobs, dummy knobs, and passage knobs

II. Exterior doorknobs

These doorknobs mainly serve a security purpose, and their categories include keyless entry and keyed entry knobs


Doorknobs serve an essential purpose in your home. They are mainly used for security, but they could also contribute to the beauty of your home. You need to know that with different manufacturers in the market, picking the right doorknob may prove to be a daunting task. That’s why you need to make some major considerations, such as those mentioned above. This guide has also attempted to find and review some of the best doorknobs that you could get for your home.

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